The NYMR Wagon Group was formed in 2011 with the objective of providing the railway with an operational heritage goods train for galas and special events, and early morning photo charters utilising visiting locomotives.

The Wagon Group currently has around 25 wagons under its care with 12 wagons currently in an operational condition. The work on the wagons varies from oiling the axle boxes several times a year, cleaning off green mould, light repaints, and more serious repairs and overhauls. Obviously once a wagon is completed it starts to deteriorate again, so we are never short of things to do! The plan is to keep on top of the work and keep up the appearance of the Goods Train.

Restoration and Overhaul work is currently carried out at Pickering C&W and Levisham by a small team of around 10 volunteers working every Saturday.  We always have at least two projects in progress at any one time, at Pickering this currently is ESSO Tank Wagon 2716 built in 1950 By Charles Roberts of Wakefield, whilst at Levisham we are repainting our Cattle Wagon and a 12T Box Van.

We have recently purchased a Conflat A Wagon and Container from the former William McAlpine collection at Fawley Hill, once delivered to the NYMR this wagon will be the groups next major restoration project, this wagon fills a major gap in our collection as its tells the story of how the concept of containerised goods transportation started.

We are currently looking for donations to allow us to continue the overhaul and repair work on our wagon fleet whilst keeping the Goods Train in service for many years to come allowing the sights and sounds of a fully fitted Pick Up Goods Train to be enjoyed by all our visitors at gala’s and special events whilst keeping the Heritage aspect of the NYMR alive.

Donations will go towards the restoration and overhaul to the railways wagon fleet.