Lineside Ecology & Fencing Appeal 

The lineside is an integral part of what makes our railway so special, be it the vegetation, stone walls or various structures such as retaining walls and various items of lineside ‘furniture’.

Maintaining the NYMR’s 36 miles of lineside is a never ending task that involves a number of special interests and activities. Many of the necessary tasks often relate more to land and estate management than simply working on a railway. 

It is perhaps worth remembering that there are significant variations in our lineside along the railway which help determine what we need to do to maintain the lineside. From Pickering the main lineside activities are fencing and drainage works a theme which continues towards Levisham with the forested areas on both sides.

From Levisham the railway climbs further up into Newtondale with a changing variety of trees and vegetation. The railway traverses the Newtondale Site of Special Scientific Interest, which brings regular dialogue with Natural England.

At Fen Bog, George Stephenson ‘floated’ part of the railway on sheeps wool and heather mattresses, which causes us problems where the floating section joins up to the solid areas.

At the summit the railway is effectively on a ledge with natural rock outcrops before the line runs down to Goathland. Onwards to Grosmont the line is either in a cutting, embankment or ledge in the hillside which makes access for maintenance works somewhat difficult and sometimes almost impossible.

Did you know that just one mile of Line Side fencing on each side of the tracks costs in the region of £35,000. Some of our fencing is in a broken down state and for security as well as the looks of the line it is vital that we do some repairs. While there is a volunteer team doing the most urgent repairs they need additional funds to finance further improvements.