She turned 100 in March 2017, and there’s still never been a dame quite like Vera Lynn!

Help us return back to traffic 3672 Dame Vera Lynn so visitors can enjoy the sight and sound of a genuine wartime locomotive!

No 3672 “Dame Vera Lynn” was built in 1944 by the North British Locomotive Works in Glasgow where there was 150 of these extremely powerful freight locomotives ordered for the war effort. Once completed “Dame Vera Lynn” was shipped to Egypt and worked there following D-Day. This Austerity class of locomotive were not built to last more than a few years in traffic, they were of a cheap and simple design due to material shortages during the war. We count ourselves lucky to still have her with us today, so we can tell her story to future generations.

“Dame Vera Lynn” entered traffic on the railway in 1989 and over the next 10 years worked very hard. Aside from the exceptional feat of accumulating in excess of 100,000 miles during her ten years in traffic, she also delighted the staff and tens of thousands of passengers along the way. “Dame Vera Lynn” proved on countless occasions, what a strong, reliable and popular performer she was, a real stalwart of the 1990's. As is the case with all steam locomotives, boiler tickets come to an end and overhauls are due. This came around in “Dame Vera Lynn's” case in 1998.

The aim of getting the railways very own Wartime steam locomotive back in traffic, so the railway and its passengers can enjoy the sight and sound of a genuine wartime locomotive hard at work again.



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