Yorkshire's Magnificent Journey


Keeping 18 miles of railway with more than thirty bridges through the difficult countryside of the North York Moors in top-notch condition is a continuing challenge. The 180-year old railway already invests around £1 million annually but there’s only so much the fare box can generate and much more is needed for the railway bridges and its 50-100 year old vehicles to remain viable.

Project 1: Goathland Bridges Renewal

Renew and repair the worn-out iron bridges around Goathland, removing a threat to our continued operation.Read more

Project 2: Fuss-Free Access Coaches

Provide a Fuss-free access carriage in every train, with ramps, toilets and seating to easily accommodate all passengers mobility needs.Read more

Project 3: Caring for our Historic Carriages

Construct a covered stable for up to 40 carriages at Pickering, reducing decay and easing maintenance of the fleet.Read more

Project 4: Goathland Interpretation and Learning

Better serve school groups and families with a dedicated education carriage at Goathland station.Read more

Project 5: Volunteer Facilities & Accommodation

Create a new volunteer hostel at Grosmont, providing decent facilities to encourage new volunteers including families and young people.Read more

Project 6: Volunteering Development Programme

Develop initiatives to recruit new generations of volunteers to the line with the help of a dedicated Volunteer Development Officer.Read more

Project 7: Apprenticeship Schemes

Build a railway apprenticeship scheme with training offered in Engineering, Countryside Worker and Railway Administration.Read more

Project 8: Lineside Conservation Initiative

Place a new emphasis on the care and management of the lineside by improving the awareness of conservation issues.Read more