Civil Engineering Diary - 18 January 2019

Work has continued on our level crossings with New Bridge Public Road one having had some TLC.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 10 January 2019

Now that the mince pies have worn off it is time for some serious track works.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 19 December 2018

Work has continued to maintain and renew our railway infrastructure in between running trains.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - Late November 2018

In spite of tipping lots of ballast over the years, the track is still more or less at its original level.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - November 2018

It's the time of year again where we hear from our Civil Engineer, Nigel Trotter on how he and his workforce are maintaining the railway infrastructure for all to enjoy.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 7 March

Remarkably nearly 150T of the ballast on the ground in New Bridge was loaded and successfully tipped on Monday.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 22 February 2018

Track laying over the weekend with a finish by Tuesday when it will be ballasted and tamped ready for Tornado to run over on Saturday 3rd March.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 7 February 2018

It’s getting to that time when all our winter works are just about coming to an end and the line is ready for trains to run as its half term.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 22 January 2018

Work progresses in spite of the weather and the Plasser crane being out of action just when it is needed.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 11 January 2018

Work has continued throughout the Christmas and New Year period maintaining and renewing our railway’s track, structures and signalling ready for another busy season.Read more