Unfortunately the NYMR is in dispute with another contractor over copper components for 80135’s inner firebox. It has concluded that the only reasonable way left of resolving that dispute is independent expert Arbitration as provided for by the contract conditions. That dispute has already delayed 80135’s long awaited return to service. Arbitration adds further regrettable delay, cost and uncertainty.

In those circumstances the Charity cannot sensibly authorise spend on 80135’s boiler barrel currently in store at Riley and Sons, engineers. The NYMR will develop urgently plans to return 80135 to service once the impact on funds of the Arbitration process is known. In the meantime the boiler barrel will be stored temporarily at Grosmont. The NYMR continues to have confidence in, and respect for, Riley’s locomotive engineering expertise which may well be part of the post Arbitration plan.

Chris Price
General Manager NYMR