Q. What is the 2019 date for the event?

A. 11, 12 & 13 October 2019


Q. Do I need to Pre-Book

A. We strongly recommend that you Pre-Book in advance of your visit to save time. Tickets can be purchased HERE


Q. What days/times are the parades on?

A. The military vehicle & foot parade is on the Saturday and starts from 11:00am. The civilian vehicle parade is on the Sunday and starts from 11.00am. We strongly recommend that you arrive 15 minutes in advance of the parades taking part and suggest either Smiddy Hill or Market Place as a viewing area. 


Q. What times are the road closures in Pickering?

A. They will be Park Street 9am – 4pm and Market Place & Smiddy Hill 9am – 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.


Q. Is there a Park & Ride Service at Pickering?

A. The Official Park & Ride will be Cedar Barn Park & Ride and will be sign posted. Sat Nav Postcode is YO18 7JX. More Information


Q. I like to dress in 40s clothing and come to the event, can I get free tickets?

A. No, we only offer free tickets to those who are helping the NYMR at the event or taking part in an agreed scenario.


Q. Can I apply for a Travel Warrant if I am a re-enactor?  

A. We have around 600 re-enactors on our database, we need to give ourselves time to process all the applications and send out the passes. 2019 deadline is 1st September 2019.


Q. Can I have a trade stand at the event?

A. We are fully booked for this year, if you would like to be added to the mailing list for 2020, please email [email protected]


Q. I’d like to bring my dog, is the event dog friendly?

A. The event gets very busy and there are thousands of people in attendance, coupled with the occasional loud bangs or sirens from displays, this can be frightening for some dogs.


Q. I would like to bring my elderly/disabled relative to the event, they are in a wheelchair, what is access like to the stations and trains? 

A. There is disabled access to our stations and trains, as well as disabled facilities on our stations, please be aware that the event does get very busy and that extra time will be needed to move around our stations. The Friday of the event is known to be the least busy day compared to other days.


Q. I am a re-enactor, I don’t want to travel on the train, can I still access the platforms at Pickering?

A. Yes.


Q. Will there be parking at your stations during the event?

A. Our station car parks are home to displays during the events so there is no parking in them during the event. More Information


Q. Do you have any camping facilities.

A. Camping facilities are not provided along the heritage line, however, Cedar Barn has availability for motor homes. Email: [email protected] for information.


Q. What is the dates for the 2020 event?

A. Railway in Wartime 2020 will be held on the 9, 10 & 11 October 2020.