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Pickering Station is just off the A170 between Scarborough and Thirsk and lies just off the A169, 9 miles from Malton and the A64.

Goathland and Grosmont Stations can be reached from the A169 Pickering – Whitby road or the A171 Whitby – Guisborough road and are well signposted.

Pickering = YO18 7AJ

Levisham = YO18 7NN

Goathland = YO22 5NF

Grosmont = YO22 5QE

Whitby = YO21 1YN

Is there a Car Park?

Yes, there are NYMR operated car parks at, Pickering, Levisham, Goathland & Grosmont Stations. These are suitable for cars, motorbikes, minibuses and small vans only. A charge is applicable at all of these car parks. There are also council run car parks at Whitby.

Where can I drop off people and park our coach?


There is no coach access outside the station on Park Street. The bus lay-by on THE ROPERY is the nearest and only drop off point at Pickering, do not leave the coach unattended as this is a working bus stop. The coach park in Pickering is situated in Eastgate on the Scarborough side of the A169/A170 roundabout (charges apply).

Levisham and Newton Dale Halt are not accessible by coaches.


Coaches must use the car park in the centre of the village. When travelling from Pickering please use the second road normally used by coach operators.


Accessible from the A169 from the village of Sleights. Shortly after arriving at the NYMR in Grosmont, please be aware of a bridge with a clearance height of approximately 13ft 3ins.