Most NYMR services can carry manual or powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters up to the following dimensional limitations: 

  ✔ Width: 700 millimetres
  ✔ L
ength (including footplates): 1200 millimetres
  ✔ Weight (loaded): no more than 230kg (36 stone), which is the safe limit that many of our ramps can carry.

Some powered scooters are effectively road vehicles and are unsuitable for carriage in heritage vehicles. This is because the majority of mobility scooters have wider turning circles than wheelchairs occupying the same space and tend to be heavier and therefore are not appropriate to take on board trains with the confined space in the carriages. We do undertake however to carry those models of scooter that can be folded down into lightweight and manageable components and those that fit within the wheelchair size above.

Please read our Full Access Statement for more details.