With a whole host of Free Family Fun Activities

Join us this summer and try out our brand-new film trail. We’ve got literally tonnes of fun for you in the shape of our giant steam engines and diesel locomotives along with hands-on family activities throughout the summer holidays and best of all KIDS GO FREE*.

All through the week you can travel and walk in the footsteps of your favourite film and TV stars as you follow our Lights, Camera, Traction film trail - just print off the map, or pick-up a copy during the summer holidays and enjoy.

You can meet CURIOUS CREATURES, find out if you’re a SUPER SPY, and become an AWESOME ARCHAEOLOGIST. Plus, make your own wand and hat, travel to Goathland Station, which was transformed into Hogsmeade Station in ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. 

See Levisham Station where Tom Cruise ran along the tops of railway carriages for the 2023 Mission Impossible film. Trek through the tunnel at Grosmont Station and visit where action hero Harrison Ford filmed Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny … and much more …

Free Family Fun Activities

There’s no need to book for any of our activities - just drop in and take part. Unless otherwise stated, activities take place on Mondays at Pickering Station and Fridays at Goathland Station. Drop-in sessions from 10am to 2pm. Walk in the footsteps of your favourite stars on our new film trail Lights, Camera, Traction!

Wonderful Wizards -
Pickering Station: 19 August
Goathland Station: 26 July & 23 August

Put on your cloak and make some magic this week. You can create your own wand and hat then travel to Goathland Station, which was transformed into Hogsmeade Station, in ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’.

Awesome Archaeology -
Pickering Station: 29 July & 26 August
Goathland Station: 2 August & 30 August

Ever wondered what secrets are buried underneath your feet? Become an archaeologist for the day and dig up relics, plus make your very own powerful dial artefact.

Curious Creatures -
Pickering Station: 22 July Birds of Prey
Levisham Station: 5 August Birds of Prey
Pickering Station: 5 August Family-Friendly Activity Sheets
Goathland Station: 9 August Nature Trail

Image courtesy Phil Tugwell Photography

Get up close with some of the animals that made their way onto ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. Enjoy our Birds of Prey display, Lineside Legends Exhibition and exciting activity sheets.

Super Spies -
Pickering Station: 12 August
Goathland Station: 16 August

Do you have spy skills like Ethan Hunt in ‘Mission Impossible’? Put them to the test by making your own disguise and then get involved in our crack the code challenge.

Lights, Camera, Traction Exhibition: Every day from 20 July to 1 September
The Learning Coach, Goathland Station.

What goes into making a blockbuster film like Indiana Jones or Harry Potter, or what about a TV classic like Heartbeat? Here at the NYMR we know all about how films and TV shows go from ideas to the screen as we have hosted many over the years. Visit our new exhibition Lights, Camera, Traction to discover what makes your favourites so special.

All Line Rover Ticket

Adult All Day, All Line Rover Ticket: £49.50, offering 12 months of return travel for free. Plus, Kids Go FREE in 2024!* Enjoy the freedom of our entire 24-mile line for a whole day, hopping off wherever you choose. *Children aged 0-15 years old.


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