Our major projects over the past few months have been:

• Building the demonstration signal box. This has included fitting external cladding, laying down the floor, installing glazing, providing trapdoors to allow access to the locking room and painting the lever frame.
• Working to get ‘Mulberries’ open again by thoroughly cleaning the interior including the food preparation areas and store rooms. We also redecorated the building both internally and externally. In addition we have renovated the external patio by repairing tables and chairs, tidying the garden area and providing additional catering outlets at special events.
• We have completely renewed the fencing in the station car park.
• We helped to set up the ‘Peter’s Railway Young Engineers Centre’ in the Visitor Centre.
• We replaced the large gate posts and repaired the gates to the loading dock area.
• Repainting the station footbridge.

Amongst our current projects are:

• Planning and preparation for both the Wartime Weekend and the Santa Specials.
• Replacing the gate posts at the south end of the station.
• Internally decorating the upper floor of ‘Mulberries’ so that the railway can use them as offices.
• Repainting and lettering the NER stores van at Pickering.
• Rebuilding the NAAFI so it is ready for the 2016 Wartime Weekend.