Having said last week that I hoped the sun would shine for the track relaying, of course it didn’t. It suited itself, is may be the best thing to say, with it coming out inbetween almost every other form of weather!

Nevertheless, on Monday morning Martyn and the small P Way gang, with a few hardy volunteers, started the track relay at Yorfalls level crossing. The plan is to uplift the track starting at the northern end, work back towards Levisham and then go back, laying in the new track with part of the P Way train seen below. To provide some working space for materials alongside, some flailing of the lineside vegetation was needed. This used the flail funded by the Foundation. By the time we had bought it and done some initial training, we had to use the Kubota excavator on other jobs so the flail wasn’t used as much as we intended. To be really effective we need the vegetation to die down, then we can carefully use the flail, including finding out where all the hidden obstacles such as concrete blocks, old sleepers and telephone post stay wires have been left behind.

In the next couple of photos you can see the start of uplifting the bullhead rails, with the level crossing deck carefully put in situe by the Wombles last year, also being removed – sorry chaps, when the relay is complete perhaps you would care to put it back again – please?


On Tuesday the track was being taken out with the crane nearing bridge 15 shown below. This section has Mills clips, which we are keeping to replace others now worn out near No Sheep hut, but more of that another time.  


The next photos show a wet bed that we need to deep dig, put in a geotextile and a drain into the cess ditches. This has been a persistent problem for many years with the P Way gang digging out the slurry in 2011 shown below.

By Saturday all the old track was out and a start was made on putting the new in. The new track will be all welded with expansion switches at each end all in flatbottom rail but the junctions with the bullhead at each end also need to be welded to ensure a reliable joint so we put in a length of new rail for the welds. Photos below show progress with a large ash trees having to be cut down by Pip to avoid it falling onto the track or adjacent house. I am always fascinated by tree logs on the NYMR, as no sooner have we cut them into smaller pieces, they walk and disappear, usually in the dark! Wonder why that is? My next photos will show the new track in but no logs.

Over the weekend Martyn, helped by volunteers including the Wombles, cut in some better rail end gaps in Levisham straight. This can only be done when the temperature is low, which it was as seen below – so much for the sun!

And finally for now, here is the new shop progressing at Goathland Station ...


All for now, more next week and perhaps including some rail welding, so keep calm!

Best wishes,
Nigel Trotter - Civil Engineer