Monday 5th December 2016

The relay from bridge 14 to Yorfalls was all welded up, ballasted and tamped by last Thursday with some topping up of the ballast on Friday. It gave me great pleasure to go through it with the track gauge and measure to confirm it was more than suitable for the engine for the Pickering Santa trains to go over and also the Pullman. Photos A to F show what an excellent job Martyn and all the P Way staff and volunteers have done. The alignment of the curve around Yorfalls is especially good.

Now all that needs doing is to stress it tomorrow and then add some more ballast (track relays “eat” ballast!) and let it settle down under traffic. There are some more trees and vegetation to sort out and regrade the cesses so they look posh. After New Year we will tamp it again and take the temporary speed off.

I sometimes think that life is often all about clips. Film or movie clips, paper clips or perhaps even sound bites; but certainly not in my infrastructure diary about P Way!

Life on the track can often be about clips, more clips and then yet more. You may remember I said last week that we had taken out about 1500 Mills clips and just under 2000 red Pandrol clips when taking the old track out between bridge 14 and Yorfalls.

The new track now has red Pandrols on the straight and purple ones in the curve at Yorfalls. As the sleepers are now closer spaced at 28 per length, nearly 3800 in total have all been individually pulled in. And, when this section of track is stressed next Tuesday approx. 2600 of them will all have to be taken out. And, after a pair of welds in the middle of the section have been cut out and the rails stressed, guess what? They will all have to be put back in again!

When Martyn, Neil and the Wombles were rail adjusting recently on Levisham straight they must have taken out and put back in several thousand! And all you want to see are film clips! Simon sent me some photos but I have lost them in the ether at present. Bet he will send me them again!

At Goathland Jim and Mark with the Station Group have been connecting up the house and station domestic water supply finally getting rid of the old lead pipes, after all they were only over 100 years old. Photos G and H show the work in progress.

Our S&T have also been busy making level crossing gates as seen in I. They have been doing other things as well but they are too clever for me to comment on!

That’s all for now, have to write some reports before being at Levisham tomorrow. Not there on Thursday as it's my wonderful wifes birthday. I find there is often a very sharp frosty spell about that time if I get it wrong! So you will all know if I have been good.

Nigel Trotter
NYMR Civil Engineer