Friday 25th November 2016

Perhaps the politest description of this week’s weather on the NYMR is “interesting”! I am all for sharing but as it came from the South East, would you like to keep it down there. So far Grosmont level crossing has been flooded and the path on the moor at Goathland station has ended up yet again on the track. Thanks are due to the Station Group who cleared it on Monday as seen in photo A. The National Park apprentices have now reinstated the path ready for the next time it rains heavily.


To help decide what to do with the big bridges at Goathland we have employed AB Surveys to carry out a full topo survey from Abbots House to the Grosmont side of the north crossover. If it was still, they measured it as seen in photo B where Piotr is picking up rail joints and Nick in the distance is obtaining rail levels. 

The track relay from bridge 14 to Yorfalls is going very well with Martyn and our P Way gang and volunteers working on regardless of the weather. On Monday Peter was lifting a bag of fittings the easy way but Laddie was having to lift one end of a steel sleeper the harder way.  Note the general “dampness”!

By Tuesday the track was approaching the crossing where the P Way mess van was parked seen in E – note the little white box on the back wheel.

Back towards bridge 14 Haigh Rail had three teams of welders welding: but what else would they be doing? Photos F, G and H show them in action.

And yesterday the track was being laid over the level crossing and hopefully will be connected up at the northern end of the relay. Photos I, J and K show the track mostly welded up and ready for ballasting. Kieran is driving the P Way train of stone hoppers bringing the ballast from New Bridge on both days over the weekend. The final rail joints should be welded up on Monday and with more ballast next week tamping can take place so the track can be run on by the Pullman on Saturday and Sunday. More on that next week.

This particular section of track obviously caused the original builders some problems, especially with water. The Wombles have already dug out the stone drainage channel between bridges 14 and 15 as seen some years ago in L.

Now we have found a single stone height “wall” with a pipe in front of it at a very low level on the East of the track south of Yorfalls crossing. Pete, Roger and Martyn studying the outfall and generally wondering why it was built and what to do with it.

There has also been lots of other work going on from digging up Goathland platform, cutting down trees at Beckhole and Trout Farm, working on the ballast hopper and tamper at New Bridge, putting up new lights in New Bridge shed, S&T doing indescribable things and last but not least sorting out the sewage system at New Bridge which effectively brings us all back to the basics in life!

And finally, the NYMR has won a very prestigious tourism award for, I think the quality of our track relaying – or was it for running some steam engine owned by the National Railway Museum? Expect it was for the latter when we had Flying Scotsman so finally, finally photo M has it running on last year’s relay.

Well done everybody, more next week.

Nigel Trotter, Civil Engineer