Monday 22nd January 2018

Work progresses in spite of the weather and the Plasser crane being out of action just when it is needed. Fortunately after a long and very late night, Duncan has now got it back into use.

The relay at milepost 16 at the entrance to Northdale was going well until the weather intervened. By last Wednesday evening the P Way gang had relaid 24 lengths out of the total of 38 with another 2 roughly laid in. With only 3 people working on the Thursday, only a limited amount was planned for the day. However with 6 inches of snow on the high ground it was impossible to drive anywhere near the site so Jim drove Peter and Martyn on the main road at Saltersgate and allowing them to walk the two miles down to the site. They then collected the 08 shunter and train and took it back to New Bridge. Photo A, I took on the Monday, needless to say when the weather was better, shows what a good job is being done as ever.

With this standard of work and using good materials, we are not only preparing the railway for the visit of 60163 Tornado and other big engines, we are helping to ensure the long term future. 

Clearly preparations for next Christmas are well underway when you see what is on the Lowmac wagon as seen in photo B.

Mark is seen cutting a rail in photo C, remembering that to keep the joints square across the curved track the rails on the inside of the curve have to be cropped.

When the relay is ballasted and tamped the except final track alignment will be determined using the ALC system.  This can involve sluing the curves which of course in turn can affect the rail end joint gaps, so only 1 in 5 are pre-drilled and fishplated for now with the rest just clamped. These will all be drilled and fishplated with any very short pieces cropped as necessary.

In order to complete this winter’s relaying programme, Martyn has started the short relay from Pickering 6 Points crossover to just short of bridge 8 at Trout Farm. It’s only 11 lengths and the new flatbottom rails are already laid out. With the Plasser crane repaired by Duncan, on Saturday and Sunday the old track was lifted out with the crane on the adjacent siding and then the old ballast was also dug out.

Photos D and E show the work up to late last night, but why Nick is seen in F standing in the chipping bin isn’t immediately obvious!

I also have to include two of Duncan’s master shots in G and H showing how late they worked.


The plan is to unload some materials at New Bridge before going back to the relay at Northdale, which Martyn hopes to finish putting the new track in by Wednesday, before then going back to do the same at Trout Farm which will be ballasted using our hopper wagons working out of New Bridge. 

Construction Marine have now completed the reinstatement of platform 1 at Pickering and are then moving onto Kirby Misperton to construct the foundations for the new crane inside the building.

Meanwhile Craig from S&T has been venturing into the wilds as seen in I, but not sure what he was doing but rather him than me looking at the weather!

Whatever it was, he managed to turn the light out in signal NB11.

That all for now, more soon.

Nigel Trotter
NYMR Civil Engineer

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