Thursday 22nd February 2018

The second DB Cargo ballast train duly arrived and with our engine on the back a speedy drop of the ballast was done as it didn’t have to run round at Levisham. When the train was back in Grosmont, Martyn who was in charge was able to go up to Goathland and take our 08 and Shark back to the site to tidy the ballast up ready for passenger trains to run on the following day. It is now settling down nicely and after it has a few more trains over it, including Tornado, it should be ready for a touch more ballast and a final tamp.

Immediately after half term running, we started the next track relay from New Bridge Church Lane back towards Trout Farm level crossing. This is the continuation of the short relay back from New Bridge Level Crossing which we did just before the start of running passenger trains in 2017. With Tornado running on the railway from Saturday 3rd March this is another 12 lengther alongside the Long Siding.

In photo A looking south from Trout Farm level crossing across bridge 8 you can see the first short relay done before half term running. I could say it has settled down and is in need of more ballast and tamping but you can see it does!

In photo B looking north from the level crossing you see where the next relay will be after Tornado has gone. The ditch on the right will be filled in as to accommodate the new carriage shed we need to move the present Running Line about 2m to the east (right in the photo). Unfortunately the present straight section of track will have to have couple of curves in it; but don’t blame me as I am saying George Stephenson got it wrong.

The present short relay of 12 lengths of track is seen on Wednesday in photo C looking south – the track isn’t being moved over here by the way.

In view D Mark is posing in the distance slinging rails with Martyn driving the Plasser crane with Jim looking as though he is going to hit something with his big hammer as Mike walks past out the way. By the end of Wednesday all the track was lifted out after Peter uplifted the foot crossing at New Bridge as seen in E with Darren, Mike, Mark and Jim watching (strictly speaking I was just watching as well!).

I couldn’t resist making a suitable rude remark to them so when I then took photo F, they all decided to be camera shy.

The last view on Wednesday was photo G with the sun shining but see the black sky beyond with the crane standing on the relay we did in early 2017.

By now Peter has worked his way north digging out the ash, ballast and other materials that are not fit to support the new track with a good clean surface as seen in the photo above by Craig. Due to the restricted space available, the spoil is having to be taken by dumper up to the Occupation crossing at New Bridge forming a gigantic heap to be removed from the railway by lorry. Track laying over the weekend with a finish by Tuesday when it will be ballasted and tamped ready for Tornado to run over on Saturday 3rd March.

One job we have had done is a detailed close up examination of the two bridges at Grosmont. Bridge 42A is the footbridge carrying the path to the shed over the river. We don’t believe this is our bridge as we have a note saying it was transferred to the old NRCC but their successor NYCC dispute this. In the meantime a specialist of abseilers has carried out an exam of both the footbridge and our bridge 42. I had an email from Stuart who lives in Grosmont thanking me for providing such an excellent view of them abseiling from his house as it's not often they get entertainment like this in Grosmont.

Two of his photos are seen in H and I!

All for now.

Nigel Trotter
NYMR Civil Engineer

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