Surprise surprise! The logs that were left after the tree was felled have almost all walked, with just a few for Rod to take away as you can perhaps see in photos A and B taken on Tuesday.  In photo below Darren and Mark are seen lifting the steel sleepers into position alongside the rail positioned to Bryan’s pegs.  This rail acts a guide so that the sleepers don’t need much adjustment when the rails are laid on them and also to space them correctly.  Jim is seen in the following photo carrying out some technical adjustments to the sleeper stack, but probably best not to say what!


By Thursday the track was laid up to bridge 15 seen below.  The old ballast was carefully removed over bridge 15 taking care not to damage the water proofing and then laid across as seen below that.  On Friday, Haigh rail came in to do the first 6 rail welds and by the close of play, Martyn had 18 lengths of track in and heading north!

At Goathland we thought we would mess up the nice platform as seen in the pictures below.  It is all to do with providing water to the new shop and improving the existing supply to the station house etc.  This involves replacing the ancient lead pipe which has all sorts of leaks in it and also laying in new ducts for future use (cunning thinking Batman!).  As part of the works, we plan to renew some of the platform copes and then resurface to reduce possible tripping hazards, but more of this anon.

See you all again next week!

Nigel Trotter
NYMR Civil Engineer