It’s that time of year when it is obvious that Christmas is coming upon us. The weekend before last we took our five Grandchildren to see Santa as seen in photo A. It was an absolutely super day with Pickering Station Group doing an excellent job. Not working that day, I felt able to partake in a little suitable refreshment!

Of course, even with the advent of Christmas things still need doing to keep our railway going. Photos B and C show the infilling of Goathland Down Platform nearly complete with Mark "wackering" the fill to compact it. 


Most people really only see the railway from the platforms or trains, which is how it should be. So the big retaining walls from Goathland down to Darnholme and beyond are easily seen as in D. But isn’t so easily seen is the smaller wall on the other side down at river level. A section about 10 feet long where it is about 2 metres high was washed down in the recent heavy rainfall. Thanks are due to our really useful Station Master Mr. Bruce for offering to go look at it. It is in the area seen in photo E. Claiming to have a poorly this, that or the other, I managed to persuade Jim and Mark to go down into the river to decide what we can do to rebuild it. After all, they have just been supplied with new wellies so it is a shame not to try them out!


Elsewhere, the track relay from bridge 14 to Yorfalls has had some more ballast tipped ready for tamping on Thursday. It was stressed last week by Haigh Rail who cut out 115mm of rail based on the measured rail temperature at the time of 3 degrees Celsius. This then provides a stress free rail at 27 degrees.

You may recall from an earlier diary that we had to cut down an overhanging tree near the Grange. There are several others between the track and the river that are either leaning towards the track or have serious splits and rot in them. As we have to always ensure the safety of trains, we are employing a specialist tree surgeon to cut them down where they could present a hazard.

Yesterday Pip and Andrew were making good progress ably supervised by Rosie complete with HV vest as seen in photos F, G and H. It can be tiring working on the railway so Rosie was just having 5 minutes! You can see as well that we still need to lift a bit more on either side of bridge 15.


And finally for now, there is a new directional sign for our drivers at Goathland Summit. Thanks to the generosity of the York Area Group and member Peter Harris we now have a brand new replica of the standard LNER signs used in various locations on the big railway. There will be more news in Moors Line and elsewhere but I thought you may like to see it. I am assured that Nick and Bryan are only posing, not actually holding it up!


That’s all for now. More next week. 

Best wishes,
Nigel Trotter - NYMR Civil Engineer