Busy Levisham 

It’s been another 3 day weekend as a pair of us was on a scaffolding course on Friday in Pickering. We are now deemed Competent Persons to erect our aluminium scaffold towers.

Back at the station the white wicket gate next to the signal box has had the repaint completed. The coal shed roof has also been re-slated, reusing the original North Eastern Railway copper nails. Why do we know they were North Eastern – they have NER stamped on the heads!
The steel cover strips for the Yard Shed have been prepared, drilled and bitumasticed ready for final installation. Also on the shed the rear gutter has been installed although the down pipe and water butt still await fitting.

Work has recommenced on the Camping Coach with the whole of the East side wire wheeled down, primed where necessary and a start made on the undercoat.

The roses and sweet peas are still going strong and the gardeners are being kept busy keeping everything under control. A start has been made on the annual cleaning of all the platform lamps. They get covered in flies and bugs on the inside and it’s a long job to clean all the glass.

We have taken delivery of 3 more mileposts for cleaning and repainting with one now cleaned down and in primer. At the same time several pieces of new cast iron guttering and rail ends have been painted, the latter for sale on our cart.