The locomotive has been a reliable performer and regular Whitby steed, already clocking up over 10,000 miles so far this year. Of course this means we have to try our best to keep the loco up to standards and maintain its reliability.

This week Eric is having a well earnt rest for a washout and 28 day exam, which gives us around 3-4 days to do as many jobs as possible before returning to traffic.

Below you can see the safety valves which are very tired to say the least, so a full overhaul is required.

1. The front safety valve as removed

2. The spanner and special spring adjusting tool needed to strip the valve

3. The main body seat complete with steam cuts.

4. The valve, yet again well cut.

5. The base being machined with a custom made tool.

6. The valve having the finishing touches done.

7. The finished base

8. The finished valve

9. All the parts ready to be assembled

10. The finished product

All the machining is done to a thousandth of an inch tolerance as per the drawing. They will be refitted and set, however they do tend to take a few steamings to fully bed in and hopefully pop open and pop closed (fingers crossed!!!).