900+ Club

Join the 900+ Club for a chance to win up to £100 per week.

The 900+ Club started in October 1967 under the auspices of Charlie Hart, founder member of the NYMR, as the 200 Club (so named because this was the number of members in it!). It has grown over the years, latterly becoming the 900+ Club, recognising the increase in its membership. Its purpose is to raise money for the NYMR as well as giving its members a chance to win a prize. Money raised through the 900+ Club are used directly to support the railway.

Top prize: 1 x £100

Runner up prize: 1 x £15

For just £12 per year your membership number will be entered into a weekly draw. The first prize is £100 and the runner up receives £15.

The draw takes place every Friday.

Reasons to play:

You’ll be part of our mission. The 900+ Club is a vital income stream, so by playing you are helping keep our heritage locomotives running for future generations to enjoy.

The 900+ Club is managed in-house; no external agencies are used. This means more of the proceeds go directly back into the charity.