Locomotives Currently under restoration are:

34101 —- Boiler:  New inner firebox being fabricated. Boiler rebuild in hand. New firebox outer wrapper plates inserted.  Regulator Valve mounted in boiler.  Rolling Chassis is ready to receive boiler

76079 —- Boiler now in frames Final erection now in progress.

80135 —- Frames in repair shop. All wheels out. New firebox being manufactured. Boiler ready to accept new firebox as first step of re-assembly.

30926 —- Boiler repairs required. Boiler out of Frames for assessment

30825—–Essex Loco Society restoration. Boiler away for overhaul,  for overhaul off the NYMR.  Frames all to start

D2207 – Requires extensive engine repairs

D5032 – Restoration on going

Todays Services

Services for Friday, 31st October

2807 - 28xx

45428 - Eric Treacy

61264 - LNER B1

D6700 - Class 37 (Diesel)

D7628 - Sybilla (Diesel)


Locomotive allocation subject to change at any time.
Last updated: 31st October 9:09AM

Special Events


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