Updated 19/05/16

Locomotives which are currently under restoration:

29 – Boiler, bunker and side tanks have been removed and the frames have been positioned in the Repair Shop to enable further disassembly with the ultimate aim of removing the cylinders.

34101 “Hartland” – Boiler:  New inner firebox is being fabricated, boiler rebuild in hand. New firebox outer wrapper plates inserted. Regulator Valve has been mounted in boiler. Rolling Chassis is ready to receive boiler.

80135 – The frames have been wheeled, also the side tanks and bunker have been fitted. Work has commenced on the installation of safety equipment to enable the loco to be used on services to Whitby. The boiler is awaiting the completion of the inner firebox.

80136 – Arrived from Crewe during April 2016 needing the overhaul to be completed. The boiler passed the steam test in mid May 2016, and the next stage will see boiler cladding fitted and then the boiler will be installed in the frames. Following that, the remaining pipework and fittings can be attached. The side tanks and bunker are in the process of being painted and lined.

30926 “Repton” – Boiler work progressing with the front tubeplate now in position. Awaiting repairs to the foundation ring and the lower parts of the firebox side sheets. The bogie has been fitted to the frames and one set of driving wheels has been removed to allow painting.

30825Essex Loco Society restoration. Boiler away for overhaul, for overhaul off the NYMR. Frames all to start.

D2207 – Requires extensive engine repairs.

D5032 – Restoration ongoing.

Scheduled Locomotives

Locomotives scheduled to run on Saturday 27th August 2016

44806 - 4-6-0 Black 5

45428 - Black 5 - Eric Treacy

76079 - BR Standard Class 4 2-6-0

80136 - BR Standard Class 4 2-6-4 Tank

26038 - Class 26 Diesel


Subject to change at any time. Updated at 08.40 27th August 2016


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