Locomotives which are currently under restoration:

34101 “Hartland” – Boiler:  New inner firebox is being fabricated, boiler rebuild in hand. New firebox outer wrapper plates inserted. Regulator Valve has been mounted in boiler. Rolling Chassis is ready to receive boiler.

80135 – The frames are currently in the repair shop. All wheelsets are out. New firebox is currently being manufactured. Boiler ready to accept new firebox as first step of re-assembly.

30926 “Repton” – Boiler repairs required. Boiler out of Frames for assessment.

30825Essex Loco Society restoration. Boiler away for overhaul, for overhaul off the NYMR. Frames all to start.

D2207 – Requires extensive engine repairs.

D5032 – Restoration ongoing.

Scheduled Locomotives

Locomotives scheduled to run on Saturday 25th April 2015

61994 - K4 2-6-0 ‘The Great Marquess’

62005 - K1 2-6-0

44871 - 4-6-0 Black 5

45407 - Black 5 - The Lancashire Fusilier

75029 - The Green Knight

45428 - Black 5 - Eric Treacy

76079 - BR Standard Class 4 2-6-0


Subject to change at any time. Updated on the 25th April at 08.50


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